Gas Hot Water Systems

hot-water-systemsLooking for a Reliable, Residential or Commercial Gas Fitter to Install Your Gas Hot Water System? …Then you’ve come to the right place. We specialise in Gas Hot Water System Installations, Maintenance & Repairs and cover all areas of Adelaide for all your Gas headaches.

We pride ourselves in high quality in workmanship, our staff are friendly, professional tradesman who are available for all 24 hour emergencies.

We Are Clean & We Tidy Up.

To give you the peace of mind, our team clean up and look after your home or premises and have a leak free installation which is our guarantee.   With GetGas Gas Fitters, you will be saving by converting your BBQ, Cook Tops, Hot Water Systems, Cookers & Ovens, Pool space to Natural Gas.

Why Will Natural Gas Benefit Me?

Why will natural gas be of benefit to you, you may be thinking?  How about instant heat, it is clean and efficient and you will have complete control as well as saving you money and time. Natural Gas is very easy to use and is hassle free.  Can you see why everyone is jumping on board with getting Natural Gas in their residential or commercial premises?

Advanced Technology

GetGas use the most advanced technology. We specialise in any sort of gas heating including ducted heaters, space heaters and log fires. L.P.G systems for houses, buildings, caravans and boats. We are licensed and professional Gas Fitters always there on time with a smile.

Wanting GetgGas to come and Install or Repair your new hot water system? Or maybe get an additional hot water system installed?  Then call us on 1300 854 661 or fill out our enquiry or contact form and someone from our team will be in touch shortly.

Gas Hot Water Systems Available | We Supply, Install, Repair & Maintain

RINNAI Gas Hot Water Systems
  • Rinnai Builders B16 C/Flow 50deg N/G
  • Rinnai Builders B16 C/Flow 60deg N/G
  • Rinnai Builders B24 C/Flow 50deg N/G
  • Rinnai Builders B24 C/Flow 60deg N/G
  • Infinity K26p C/Flow + 2 Ctl 60deg N/G
  • Rinnai New Model Std Controller Mc91
RHEEM Gas Hot Water Systems Available
  • Rheem Builders 16l C/Flow 50deg N/G
  • Rheem Builders 16l C/Flow 60deg N/G
  • Rheem Builders 24l C/Flow 60deg N/G
  • Stellar 850/330 Ext Hwu He/Qr 330l N/G
  • Stellar 850/360 Ext Hwu He/Qr 360l N/G
Thermann Gas Hot Water Systems Available
  • Thermann 16l C/Flow 50deg N/G
  • Thermann 16l C/Flow 60deg N/G
  • Thermann 26l C/Flow 50deg N/G
  • Thermann 26l C/Flow 60deg N/G
BOSCH Gas Hot Water Systems Available
  • Bosch 10h Hydro Power Ext Hwu Tf250 N/G
  • Bosch 13h Hydro Power Ext Hwu Tf325 N/G
  • Bosch 16h Hydro Power Ext Hwu Tf400 N/G
  • Bosch 17e C/Flow 55deg N/G
  • **bosch 17e C/Flow + 1 Ctrl 55deg N/G
  • Bosch 21l C/Flow 55deg N/G
  • **bosch 21e C/Flow + 1 Ctrl 55deg N/G
  • Bosch 26e C/Flow 55deg N/G
  • **bosch 26e C/Flow + 2 Ctrl 55deg N/G
AQUAMAX Gas Hot Water Systems
  • Aquamax 270 Hot Water Unit V/E 135l N/G
  • Aquamax 270 Hot Water Unit S/S 135l N/G
  • Aquamax 340 Hot Water Unit N/Gas(No MIX)
  • Aquamax 390 Hot Water Unit N/Gas
DUX Gas Hot Water Systems Available
  • Dux Prodigy Hwu 5* 135 LT N/G
  • Dux Endurance 16l C/Flow 60deg N/G
  • Dux Endurance 20l C/Flow 60deg N/G
  • Dux Endurance 26l C/Flow 60deg N/G
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Gas Hot Water Systems

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