Major Challenges facing Building Supervisors in 2018

Project Performance & Efficiency

With projects increasing in complexity, increased competition and thin margins – it only takes one or two unforeseen events to wipe profits from the company. According to several studies, less than half of large projects in the energy industry are delivered on budget and continuing to employ (or worse) promote underperforming teams.

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Skilled labor shortages

Still lingering among the top challenges of the construction industry. Australia has a maturing workforce, and as the development business keeps on developing, the industry is experiencing serious difficulties selecting talented laborers to fulfill the rising interest. Training programs & education are simply not keeping up with demand for the demand which has a negative domino effect has a direct impact on the building supervisor.

Poor planning & Safety Risks

As with any serious undertaking, planning and due diligence is absolutely critical within the commercial building industry. The Australian construction industry has had issues in the past which can create headaches for all those involved.

Technology Adoption and Generational Differences

The technology being used in the construction industry has evolved quite dramatically over the past decade. Hence why attitudes play a key role in maintaining the standard of building supervisors. The ‘old way of doing things’ is simply not enough to keep up with teams that are better equipped and supported by technology.

Theft, Vandalism & Equipment Breakdowns

In recent years there has been a steady rise of criminal activity within the Australian Construction Industry. Making it more difficult for building supervisors to trust new contractors. Cameras alarm systems and security systems allow are effective in preventing criminal activity but ultimately – you will want to make sure the people you hire come with great recommendations and portfolio.

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