1. Confirm Natural Gas is available. Contact the APA Natural Gas Connection Line to confirm Natural Gas availability on 1300 001 001.
  2. Supply the following information: Gas Fitters Getgas (Matthew Symons, Ph number 0433147269 and gas fitters licence number which will be supplied on acceptance of quote.
  3. Appliances to be installed – for gas load and meter sizing and Billing Address – full name, billing address, email address and phone number.
  4. Meter location sited by an APA Group Representative.
  5. A confirmation letter will be mailed to you.
  6. Outlet installation pipework and appliance/s installed by your gas fitter (Getgas).
  7. APA Group Inlet Contractor lays inlet (from gas mains in street to meter location) and leaves a card advised the customer can arrange the meter to be installed via Gas Retailer (AGL, Origin or Tru Energy).
  8. APA Group arranges for their Contractor to fit the meter as requested by the Gas Retailer on the Customers behalf.

Speak to your builder/developer about connecting to gas and the appliances you wish to install. Your builder/developer will work directly with APA to ensure you Getgas smoothly.

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