What is Natural Gas?


Natural gas is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon consisting of mostly methane, a compound of one carbon and four hydrogen atoms. It is the result of heat and pressure from organic matters such as animal and vegetable decay for millions of years under the Earth’s surface. This is the reason why it is at times referred to as ‘fossil fuel’.

Natural gas is converted into everyday energy by combining crude oil after its extraction through natural gas drilling.

Eighteen percent of Australia’s primary energy use is natural gas making it the fastest growing energy source today.

As people are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of lessening their carbon footprint, people are making the switch to natural gas as it is considered to be the cleanest burning fossil fuel. It produces the least amount of carbon dioxide which is believed to be the major cause of greenhouse effect.

Not only it is considered less damaging to the environment, it is also the safer alternative compared to other combustible fuel. It is lighter than air which in an event of a leak, rises and dissipates quickly. Natural gas is colorless and odorless. It has been made to smell like a rotten egg to identify any leaks.

One of the most desired features of today’s family is home is the use of natural gas. May it be for the comfort and warmth it brings through a central heating system, water unit or fireplace or perhaps the convenience, control,and performance of its use in the kitchen for those hearty family meals. Let us not forget how we all love to entertain friends and loved ones, a connected bbq, connected fire pit or outdoor heater will bring you and your loved ones comfort all year round.

For a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly source of energy, natural gas is perfect for you. GetGas uses the most advanced technology and specialises in all your natural gas needs. To find out how GetGas can help you visit www.getgas.net.au or call 1300 854 661

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